Yntegra’s Turtle Bungalow Wins Prestigious 2023 Radical Innovation Award

The Turtle Bungalow, a floating, ultra-luxury, and self-sustaining hotel experience designed for Yntegra’s project in the Bahamas, recently won a 2023 Radical Innovation Award. Luxury Frontiers, the industry leader in pioneering sustainable and immersive resort designs, was presented the award for its groundbreaking design, commissioned by the developers of the new residences and marina in the Exumas.

The Radical Innovation Annual Award Competition, held annually, is a platform that invites visionary submissions aimed at shaping the future of the hospitality and travel industries. It brings together creative minds from around the world, all dedicated to propelling the industry forward with innovative ideas.

The Turtle Bungalow was conceived as part of a resort and residential development in the Exuma area of the Bahamas. Inspired by the nomadic sea turtles, the Turtle Bungalow was born. This multifunctional architectural masterpiece serves as a marketing and sales tool and, ultimately, a hotel room within the resort, emulating the graceful movement of sea turtles.

Constructed from thermally treated timber and located off-site, the bungalow leaves zero ecological impact. It's powered sustainably by solar panels and a hydrogen generator, housing a water storage desalination plant and an eco-conscious sewage treatment system discreetly within. Inside, guests will discover two ensuite bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a comfortable lounge area. 

Stepping onto the deck, one is greeted with inviting loungers, hammocks, and dining spaces, while the rooftop terrace features a bar, lounge, plunge pool, and an exhilarating slide into the crystal-clear waters. The bungalow's subtle palette, inspired by the patina colors of the sea, harmonizes perfectly with the turquoise waters. Its ergonomic design responds to environmental elements such as wind, sun, and water, echoing the sea turtle's grace. This innovative concept transcends borders and can be adapted to other island developments worldwide.

"We challenged Luxury Frontiers to create a unique modern bungalow that can be activated soon and with minimal impact on the pristine island,” said Felipe MacLean, CEO of Yntegra Group. “They created the Turtle Bungalow for us, which blends in beautifully with the aquatic surroundings. We believe it will be one of many distinctive and marquee elements of our private island resort."

The project seeks to redefine the concept of ultra-luxury living in the Caribbean, creating a private residential club community and resort. Merging seclusion and sophistication in a holistic manner previously unseen in the region, The project is located just 90 minutes from Miami, offering easy access for residents on the East Coast. This groundbreaking project introduces the Exumas area to a whole new market, featuring ultra-luxury amenities, estate homes, and one of the largest private marinas in the Bahamas. 

Luxury Frontiers is a pioneering force in the experiential lodging sector, specializing in sustainable and immersive resort designs in stunning natural locations around the world. Offering a comprehensive range of services, including architecture, interior design, procurement, project management, and strategic advisory, Luxury Frontiers helps position assets for success in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape. The company is dedicated to bringing people closer to nature without sacrificing sustainability or sophistication. For more information about Luxury Frontiers and their award-winning designs, please visit www.luxury-frontiers.com.